Realforce secures 50M SEK from powerhouse Swedish investors

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The future looks bright for Realforce (formerly Adfenix) with funding from Spiltan Invest, Industrifonden, Starbright Invest and former owners and employees.

Rebecca Poynton
Jul 18, 2023
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Investment in Realforce

Gothenburg, Sweden – July 18th, 2023 – Realforce

The marketing platform company–founded in Gothenburg–now serves customers in Sweden, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, and aims to simplify the complexities of marketing for the real estate industry.

Their mission “to bring market-leading MarTech” to a global market with a history of being slow to tech adoption, due to its elongated customer journey and traditional reliance on human interaction, is no small feat. But where their early competitors diverted their attention to other markets, Realforce has remained committed to real estate, addressing one specific, industry-unique challenge after another.

Today, with a significant financial and strategic contribution from a number of heavyweight investors, Realforce celebrates the opportunity to improve and expand its platform, with a product launch scheduled for later this year.


Göran Pallmar, Investment Manager and Deputy CEO at Spiltan Invest, and Ingunn Ukvitne, Investment Associate, said:

“We have followed Realforce for a long time and can state that the company has developed in the right direction. Realforce has, in our eyes, made the investments required for it to become a leader in its industry on the Nordic and American markets.”

André Hegge, Co-Founder and CEO of Realforce added:

“This vote of confidence from Spiltan, and all our investors, is recognition of the potential that we have long believed exists in real estate; the potential for MarTech to revolutionise a multi-million dollar industry by simplifying the daily tasks of agents, through the use of innovative technology. This capital gives us the opportunity to further innovate, whilst ensuring the security of our platform, regardless of market conditions.

We thank all our investors for their commitment to supporting Realforce in the next step of our journey.”

About Spiltan Invest

Spiltan Invest is an investment company that invests in listed and unlisted Swedish growth companies. Spiltan currently owns a portfolio valued at approximately SEK 10 billion, which consists of tech, finance, real estate and industry. Some of the listed holdings are Paradox Interactive, KlaraBo and Teqnion. Among the unlisted holdings are Spiltan Fonder, Flattered, Collaboration Art, P&E Fastigheter and Carbomax. The spill share is listed on NGM PepMarket where it is traded weekly, on Tuesdays. 

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Our mission is to simplify and modernize the technology stack for marketing teams in real estate.
Our mission is to simplify and modernize the technology stack for marketing teams in real estate.