How Tech Can Build the Support System Every Agent Needs

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The benefits of embracing tech: for today’s agents, Real Estate in the digital age means boosting efficiency and productivity using a whole new set of tools.

Rebecca Poynton
May 8, 2023
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The Digital Disruption

Digital disruption has been a hot topic in the real estate industry for the past few years. While it has revolutionised the way people buy and sell properties, many agents have struggled to keep up with the changing landscape, and some have even left the business altogether.

Disruption may come in different formats, from online listings to virtual tours to automated home-buying services - but while some agents have buckled under the pressure of these perceived threats, top-performing agents and brokerages are embracing and experimenting with tech themselves and using them to their advantage, garnering a competitive edge along the way. 

And, contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t have to be a painful process, either. Read on to the end to find out why! 

Tech is transforming, not replacing, real estate  

  • It’s Revolutionizing Marketing Automation 

It’s an undeniable truth.  Agents don’t join this field to sit behind a desk and deal with paperwork all day, but unfortunately, that is often part and parcel of the job. That being said, those who adopt the right tech are able to automate and streamline repetitive tasks, from scheduling posts to contract creation, saving hundreds of valuable hours in the process. 

  • It’s Elevating the Quality of Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing 

Winning new business in real estate is all about making a connection, gaining trust and nurturing that relationship down the customer funnel. That won’t ever change, but now there’s software that can help you create more and better connections than ever before. For example, 2022 studies have shown that agents earning six figures and more in gross commission income are more than twice as likely to use advanced technology tools like a CRM than agents who earn less. 

  • It’s Increasing Productivity and Profitability Across the Board

Whether it’s sending out automated email or social media drops on an agent’s behalf or mapping out entire marketing campaigns in a time crunch, so much of the latest real estate technologies enable agents to be so much more productive (and creative) than ever before. Agents are becoming empowered to build more structured and productive days out of their work week, with some firms seeing a 7-8x multiplier in productivity after adopting marketing adoption tools and softwares. 

And the most interesting part about almost all of these tech softwares that brokerages and agents are using? They’re not even industry-specific. 

The Next Level In Real Estate “Tech Support” 

Imagine all those different types of softwares and tools described above - distilled and packaged into one versatile and flexible technology stack, specifically for real estate marketing professionals.

That’s what Realforce is. 

With Realforce, (formerly Adfenix), the high demands and operational challenges that real estate marketing teams deal with every day are met, directly and thoroughly. Our highly in-demand product suite has evolved into the next-gen real estate advertising engine it is today: 

  • With the Program Builder, real estate firms can enable even small marketing teams (even single marketers) to deliver premier, top-tier marketing operations, at scale. 
  • A product universe designed to fully cater to the missing gaps in existing tech stacks that can still be incorporated alongside existing software. 
  • Flexible programs that deliver customizable solutions for specific customer needs

Leading brokerages are coming to the realization that the traditional approach of holding onto ‘if it ain’t broke’ legacy systems will not be effective in the long term. In fact, it may hinder being able to capture true value out of every transaction once features within those legacy systems aren’t able to keep up with emerging trends and shifting customer demands.

It’s no wonder then that 45% of brokers report that ‘keeping up with technology’ is the biggest challenge their agents face. 

Realforce speaks to that pain point directly by offering a solution that is 100% designed to address and resolve real estate marketing needs. That means, unlike other tech softwares on the market, Realforce comes ‘fully assembled’ - no confusing setup and configurations, but fully flexible to meet every specific marketing gap and requirement.

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Our mission is to simplify and modernize the technology stack for marketing teams in real estate.
Our mission is to simplify and modernize the technology stack for marketing teams in real estate.