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Adfenix is now Realforce

Welcome to Realforce, a culmination of years of development combining deep engineering, acquisitions and integrations of best-in-class point solutions.
Let us tell you why we're rebranding.

Introducing Realforce

Since 2015, Adfenix has garnered unmatched global exposure to brokerages, having worked as a strategic partner with successful and unsuccessful firms. We’ve seen the insides of more brokerages than any other company, and it has provided us invaluable insights into effective strategies and pitfalls to avoid.

Our unparalleled experience and single focus on the industry have given us a unique understanding of modern real estate marketing teams' high demands and operational challenges. Our sole mission is to do something about it.

As our competitors shifted their focus to other industries, we remained committed to our mission. We spent three years developing a next-generation real estate advertising engine and strategically acquiring key companies that could fill the gaps between what exists today and the demands of a successful marketing team in residential real estate. The result is a technology stack that, out of the box, enables a small marketing team to deliver world-class marketing support to the agents they support.

Realforce delivers the best of breed in advertising, customer data, and brand management, all designed exclusively for the real estate industry. Thanks to our single focus, we've developed an enterprise platform that offers features that enable marketing professionals to meet and exceed their goals with unparalleled ease and precision.

As Realforce, we're renewing our commitment to building products that empower marketing teams to crunch the unique complexities of real estate, serving brand, teams, and agents at scale and achieving higher ROI on your marketing operations.

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Our mission is to simplify and modernize the technology stack for marketing teams in real estate.